While the vast majority of efforts expended by division-, union-, and conference-level ministerial associations center upon active congregational pastors, attention must also be directed toward the next generation pastoral force. The Ministerial Association works in concert with seminaries and schools of religion and theology as well as with the General Conference Department of Education to ensure sound curriculum components and proper groundwork for classroom and field training aimed at those preparing for pastoral ministry.

The primary purpose for adequate theological education and ministerial preparation is to guarantee the unity of the church’s message and mission as it is proclaimed by those in whom the church vests ecclesiastical authority. To this end, the Ministerial Association works closely with young pastors, starting with their educational matriculation, through internship, to ordination, and beyond.

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The International Board of Ministerial and Theological Education is currently revising its policy handbook. The handbook addresses issues ranging from the endorsement of faculty to expectations and core qualities of pastors-in-training.

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An adaptation of a presentation delivered at the 17th Annual AIIAS Theological Forum November 1, 2014

  • Learn about Theological Education in the changing context of World Christianity
  • Strategic importance of theological education

Implement the teaching of at least one three unit course per year which would study both the theological understanding and effectively ministering to the primary religious group within the area.

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Field based, supervised theological education

"Our action-reflection-action model integrates content and process in an intentional student-orientated learning e xperience that creates vital ministry formation."

  • Vision and model for ministerial formation
  • Wholistic ministry formation in a field partnership

Churches expect exceptional leadership from their pastors to lead in the ministry and mission of their local congregation. Every time a new pastor is appointed to their church, many members hold their breath, praying that their new leader will rise up to their expectations. When ministerial interns enter their first parish, they hope that their training has prepared them for the demands they know they will face in their new appointment.

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