Discipling Your Children - Joanne and José Cortes, Jr.

Joanne and José Cortes, Jr. will show you how to go about discipling your children.

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Ways to Include Family in Ministry - Cynthia Nguyen

After a special revival weekend at my church, and God’s gentle calling through my high school years, I knew I must follow the Lord. I was only 17, but I wanted to devote my life to God in ministry. I did not know how or where, but I knew it had to be with God. Throughout college and various challenges, I still had kept that same desire.
In terms of marriage, I could not see anyone with the same calling as I had, so I accepted that I would probably be single for the rest of my life. I prayed that whatever happened, I would always put God first.

Not until that prayer, did God allow me to meet someone wonderful! He was a young Vietnamese man named, Vinh. He had just attended a Revelation seminar, felt God’s calling, quit his prosperous computer engineering job, and entered the seminary. Praise the Lord for His leading. Vinh and I were married 3 years later, and committed our lives to service in the gospel ministry. We wanted our children to also partner with us and experience the joy and privilege of ministry. I would like to share a few tips that have greatly helped us do ministry as a family.

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The Family Altar - John Youngberg

Is your family altar set in concrete? Should it be? Find out in this video. Compliments of Lake Union Conference of SDA

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