Welcome to the official website for spouses of Seventh-day Adventist pastors! As a branch of the General Conference Ministerial Association, it is our goal to enrich Adventist ministry families around the world.

We realize that being married to a pastor means that you are closely involved in ministry, even though you may not have received pastoral training and education. In the biblical model of Christian families, spouses are called to serve Christ and the church through their unique gifts, especially when married to spiritual leaders.

We seek to provide support, resources, and opportunities for mentoring and discussion on how to excel both as individuals and as ministry spouses. We do this by helping local conferences and unions learn ways to be supportive as you grow spiritually, develop personally and clarify your individual role.

The unique position of the minister’s spouse brings stresses and congregational expectations that no one else in the church experiences. Our Facebook group, and Twitter feed (@ministryspouses) are available to bring ministry spouses together for fellowship and support. We want you to be free to find friends, join discussions, offer your opinion, ask questions and share what you've learned along the way.

Our quarterly magazine, The Journal, offers stories, advice, health nuggets, inspirational quotes, and news from pastors' spouses around the world. If you are not receiving The Journal from your local conference, please contact them to request a subscription!

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